Brazil Emerges as a Potential Power Player Poised for Growth

Brazil is well known for its beauty and melting pot population. Now the ninth largest economy in the world, it is also once again a business investment destination.
— By William Bell

The Federative Republic of Brazil was hit hard by a recession in 2014-2016, and it set the country back economically for the last few years. Once touted as a rapidly growing economy and part of BRIC, Brazil has experienced challenges that slowed progress. Though the world's ninth largest economy, it remains an emerging market. The potential for successful investing is enormous.

Like most emerging markets, there are higher risks compared to investing in a developed economy, but careful business planning can minimize them. Brazil offers a wealth of natural resources, a stable economy, a growing technology sector, and a desire to expand development to increase employment and raise the standard of living for the poorer sections of the country.

Emerging mar...

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